What’s driving me nowadays is not so much learning new coding languages or new tools, but rather how you write code and what tools you can use to make better code. Now, that statement raises more questions than it answers. The main one, you might have spotted, is making better code. What, actually, is better code?

What I mean by better code has nothing to do with more clever code, faster code, or shorter code. It has to do with retainable code. Yes, I did use the correct word, I didn’t mean to write maintainable, although that too is important. For me, retainable code is code that is self-documenting, easy to follow, separated and to the point. And possibly a few other attributes that help the next programmer, that might be one in your team, a future programmer that needs to fix a bug or a feature in a few years, quickly understand the layout and function of your code and retain it for further development.

The idea of this section is to collect articles on that topic. It could be articles on development patterns to use, code formatting, strategies or even strategies for you and/or your team to work to create retainable code.