Welcome to Linri Apps. We just love apps. Below is a list of the best ones we’ve made and where you can find them. But also a few other things, for instance how they were made, what went into their code, and even about the methodology used to make the code as good as we could make it.

Pomodoro Track

Get more things done with less stress. The Pomodoro technique is a well-known strategy to get into the focus mode. Focus for 25 minutes, blur out for 5. That will allow your brain to continue to focus without burning out and help you shut out distractions. In essence, Pomodoro Track is nothing more than a […]


Work Time Logger

The Work Time Logger is something I needed myself. As a self employed software developer, I was constantly set upon by my clients’ rather limited, UI wise at least, time reporting tools. The fact that they often were, to put it bluntly, pretty bad and that each client had their own, made it clear that […]