This is Linri Applications

We develop useful applications. A useful application is an app that does what it’s supposed to do and just that. The features it has is features that needs to be there for the app to make sense. If a feature doesn’t contribute, it shouldn’t be in the app.

Work Day Logger

You’ve tried loads of time reporting tools and always found them wanting… For simplicity. Too many features, too much clutter. What you need is a simple, to the point, straightforward, no-nonsense time reporting tool that’s there when you need it.

That’s what I set out to build a couple of months ago and I think I did pretty well. It’s currently in pre-release so I have a chance to get all the bugs out, but it’s already been downloaded over 2.500 times, the count is steadily growing.

So, why don’t you try it out. It’s on Microsoft Store or read more here.

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