Road map

Work Time Logger will someday in the future be a non-free application. It won’t cost much, but in order to develop it, I will need to charge for its use. However, if you opt-in (by clicking the opt-in item on the right) and/or partake in the development by suggesting new stuff and reporting bugs during the beta phase of the product you will receive a lifetime free license.

Coming soon

  • Get opt-in status from backend and ease nagging when you’ve opted in
  • Settings form with various settings such as Startup with Windows, selecting shortcuts, Pomodoro session lengths and a bunch of other stuff – Completed
  • Stack for Issue Id, where you can easily add an issue id to a stack without having to enter a log entry. Useful when you plan ahead
  • A simulated workday view where you get a graphical overview of how your workday turns out – Completed
  • Popup floating panel when you hover over an entry with useful functionality like adding more time, deleting and more – Completed
  • Item details in popup bubble when you hover over a log item – Completed
  • Dark mode (or theme switching)Completed
  • Backup your database (which is quite easy to do manually even now) – Completed
  • Set a start time and/or a Working-on switch that allows you to easily switch between tasks that you’re working onCompleted
  • Track Pomodoros completed or abandoned during workdays to show effectiveness statistics
  • Improved Pomodoro features

Later on/under review

  • Profiles where you can switch context between for instance work and personal stuff
  • Encrypt your database
  • Synchronize with backend so you can use it on multiple devices
  • Bookmark a few items with shortcuts for easy switching

Pending popular opinion

  • Web-version
  • Android- and Ios version
  • Mac version
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