New features and fixes

Release 0.11

  • Earlier instance is shut down if started again to accommodate updates
  • Time codes without any logs are not shown anymore
  • Show that a log entry has notes
  • Typo in About box
  • Version in about box gets missplaced
  • Fixed bug where you’d get AV when adding note when no log focused

Release 0.10

Hopefully fixed a bug where mouse moves over the log list would sometimes generate a exception.

Release 0.9

  • Light and Dark theme
  • Fixed bug where app would hang on first run

Release 0.8

  • Timer per log entry
  • Nicer splash
  • Setting for Pomodoro length
  • Fixed bug where you get an AV when moving the mouse over duration
  • App is now ‘calling home’ supplying serial no for statistical purposes. See Privacy statement for more information

Release 0.7

Reelase 0.7 is on its way out. This release has some new features but most significantly a database update framework. The first version of the SQLite database that Work Day Logger uses as local storage stood for six releases but now it needed some fixes so I had to add a framework to manage this and future database upgrades.

  • Floating toolbar with add time options when hovering over the duration cell of a log entry
  • Annotations per log entry – turned out quite well I think but future improvements are coming
  • Settings are now stored in the Windows registry eliminating some crashes 0.6 suffered from
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Release 0.6

  • Setting for startup with Windows
  • Issue ID should not be suggested on edit and only from the current day
  • Work load bar doesn’t update after add from menu
  • Donate button
  • Paypal donation on web site
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Release 0.5

  • Customise journal view via customisation menu
  • Backup
  • Duration is empty for new entries
  • Empty entries are sorted first of the day
  • Date columns are moved left
  • Issue id is suggested based on previous time code

Release 0.4

In this release, MadExcept error reporting has been added which means that unexpected faults will generate a stack dump and take a screenshot of the moment the error occurred. Nothing will be automatically sent, however, we would really appreciate you sending that information to us. It will be opened in your default email application where you could remove the screenshot if you’d like and send it to us. Also, it would be great if you could describe in a few words what preceded the error.

Or, of course, you could just throw the email away without sending it.

  • Hint bubble visualisation for times in the weekly view
  • Visual work-day load view
  • Visualisation improvements
  • MadExcept error reporting

Release 0.3

  • Optional registration form
  • About screen
  • Copy entries to today

Release 0.2

  • Pomodoro timer
  • Hints for buttons and menus
  • Choose to see time spent as HH:MM or hour fractions
  • Various UI improvements
  • Bugfixes
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