Pomodoro by Me

As you may well know, the Pomodoro technique can help you focus, be more effective and stem off interruptions and distractions. Really, a simple mechanical timer or your wristwatch is enough to use the Pomodoro technique, but where’s the fun in that? This nice-looking app for Windows helps you get through the day. And when the day is done, it lets you review it and helps you update your time report.

Each Pomodoro will be saved as historical references and today’s Pomodoros’ will be shown on the main screen for easy access. You can even add Pomodoros manually if you need to.

What is Pomodoro?

I won’t give you the whole story on the Pomodoro technique, miles have been written on it, so just google it. But essentially, I’d say it’s a technique to get into the zone. When you need to escape the buzz of your workplace or the distractions of your quiet and lonely home office and get some work done, you set a timer for 25 minutes. When it rings, you stop working, stretch, walk around the table or whatever is your fancy for five minutes. Peek at your to-do list and decide; continue on the same topic or choose a new one. Start a new timer for 25 minutes. Work. Pause. Repeat.

That’s actually the essentials of the Pomodoro technique. Block out all distractions, work for 25 minutes, pause and reevaluate your workload.

Oh, I’ll lose track of what I was doing when the bell rings, say some people. 25 minutes is far too short for the zone, say others. I don’t have time to meditate in five minutes, says the mindfulnessly minded. But the point of the short pause (there is a longer break every three or four Pomdoros) is not to do something completely different. The point is to get back to reality for an instant, stretch, stand up, get your blood flowing into your brain again and reflect on where you are in the day.

Your brain isn’t wired for long expanses of intense focus (says quite a bit of research and science). So you need to let it cool down. Apparently, 25 minutes is just right for most people. I, myself, experimented with longer intervals, 40 or 50 minutes, but found that I gradually, almost unconsciously, lowered the Pomodoro time and ended up with 25-minute Pomodoros. But of course, your welcome to experiment yourself, the length of Pomodoros, short breaks and long breaks are configurable in Pomodoro by Me.

How do I get it?

Well, I understand that you’re excited and anxious to get your hands on a copy of Pomodoro by Me. I would be. But it’s not out yet, it’s in beta. You’re welcome to apply for a beta version and become a tester and development influencer. Just drop me an email at rickard@linri.se.

Work Time Logger Privacy Statement

No information except a serial number is generated and collected for transmission to the developer. The serial number is non-identifying and is used only for statistical purposes. Nor is any information apart from what the user enters into the app itself stored on disk.

The application does not make use of any devices such as cameras, geo-positioning etc nor of any local data stores such as contacts, emails, messages etc.

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