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We just love Windows applications

We love working with really well thought out Windows applications so that’s what we do. No, there’s nothing wrong with Web applications and services or applications for Android or IPhone, it’s just that using a really good native application on Windows is hard to beat when it comes to effectivity and creativity. So writing really nice Windows apps is what we do.

A few examples are the Remicense License manager app, the rTicket app which is a really simple and easy to use ticket support app or the Pintera food labeling system for small food producers.

Reach out if you want to know more.

Remicense is coming along quite nicely

The Remicense application, which helps you remember and administer all your software licenses, is coming along quite nicely indeed. In fact, it’s rapidly nearing a first product release on Windows.

Among all the features of the application are:

  • Strong encryption to keep all your licenses secure
  • Advanced importing from Excel and other spreadsheet formats
  • Easy switching between different local license storages
  • Edit any fields of several licenses in one go
  • Attach files and emails to any license
  • Fast and simple filtering, grouping, and sorting of all your licenses
  • Tie licenses to different clients, suppliers, manufacturers, and categories
  • Print reports on expiring licenses
  • Exchange licenses with other Remicense users quickly, easily and most importantly, securely

Contact me for an online demo and your own preview copy of Remicense and get total control of all your licenses.


I’ve been working hard on something of late. It’s a Windows app I’d like to call Remicense. For Remember your Licenses. And it is nearing a 1.0 release.

The idea behind the app is to help anyone keep track of and manage their – or for that matter other people’s or clients’ – licenses. There’s a bunch of apps like Remicense out there, but this one aims to be a little more professional. With it you can have a separate store of licenses for each project or client, or you can separate the licenses by clients’ in each store.

The first release will be for Windows but editions for the Web and for mobile devices will be coming in the future. And of course, when that happens all your licenses will if you want them to, move to the clouds.

Want to try it out or help me find the last bug? Click on Reach Out in the menu and let me know.

Welcome to the Linri world

A couple of weeks ago I decided to let our web site since a few years back pass into the sweet oblivion or whatever passes for the here-after for web sites. It’s served us well through the years, but while our business is winding down a bit, it still persists and transforms into something else and the need for a new type of web site emerged.

The core of the business is still software, but rather than the hacking of it, the focus is towards the process of making the code. Performance issues, the issue of correctness and speed of development and the methods of achieving the target for which an application is made is at the focal point.

As our business is transforming into something else, a new media platform is needed and this new site, based on WordPress, is the answer to that. WordPress offers an easier and faster platform for getting information on the topics of our business out there.