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I haven’t been all that active on the website of late, but I’ve been a lot busier on the Work Time Logger, or as it will henceforth be known, Linri WorkFlow. Why the name change? Well, one reason is that WorkFlow is a completely new application. Everything has been reworked from the ground up, and new things are coming. Tasks, for instance, even if tasks will not be available in the first release.


There are a lot of improvements. There are bug fixes, better UI experiences, a clearer and more intuitive look and much, much more. As I said, there isn’t a single bit of code (hardly) left from the previous application. Everything has been reworked in a better, cleaner way so it will be easier to maintain and add to. Still, it is 100 % compatible with the old database, so all your data is still safe and will be available when you upgrade.


One thing that I’ve missed a whole lot myself is to be able to use the app on all my computers and have access to the same data. So, I’m building synchronization into the app. There’ll be a backend on AWS, accessible for all who want access to their journals from every computer. Now, it won’t be free, servers cost money and developing good applications cost money. But I promise you, it will not be expensive. I’m thinking a couple of unibucks (euro-, US dollar-, pounds sterling-ish valued money) a month. Or, perhaps an annual fee. Or perhaps both, depending on your preferences.


Another thing I’ve been struggling with mentally is tasks. I’ve tried all tasks apps out there, a great many task strategies to get things done and all of them fall short. Not technically, there are many, many beautiful apps out there handling tasks, but strategically. The methods are all too complex and advanced. So while the Work Flow tasks will be synchronizable over the Flow backend, they will most likely be synchronizable with Google tasks or other task management systems. Currently, I’m quite fond of Microsoft Tasks, but it’s sort of not exactly the right shade of pink.

So Flow Tasks will come with a strategy I’ve worked out. You can completely give that strategy a miss, but it will be there the first time you open Flow tasks. And it’s basically this: Three collections of tasks, those you’re currently working on, those that you probably will be working on in the near future and those that are way in the future, uncertain to be done etc. And there will be a My day view. And it’s in the My day view you will do all your prioritizing. Flow tasks aren’t prioritized. They repeat, remind and bug you any which way, but they have no priority setting. Instead, you go over them now and then, and those that are in the active collection gets prioritized when you place them in My day.

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