The thing about software development…

…is that it’s annoyingly detailed and really, really hard work. Even if you’re developing a relatively small application, like I set out to do a couple of weeks ago when I started building the Linri LogViewer application, it takes really a huge amount of time and attention to detail.

First, you need to come up with some sort of structure for the code. A sort of blueprint to follow to get all the bits and pieces of the code just right and in the right place. An experienced developer has done that many times, so it may be a little bit easier, but it still needs to be done. And, if you’re driven by the passion for coding, you’ll end up spending hours on end trying to improve on your previously improved upon strategies.

Next, you’ll have to get all the features in. That’s often coding one new thing and a bunch of repetitions. The features are, of course, different from each other, but quite often they sit on the same sort of form, access the same data structures and should work in a – for the user – consistent way. For this, frameworks are used, and usually, there the developer can lean on experience here as well.

At this point, there is most often a crude, working, kind of raw version of the application. Features would flicker and be slow, the app probably doesn’t look very crisp, there are bugs and the features aren’t probably very consistent. So you set about fixing bugs, crisping the application up a bit, change behaviours and enter new bugs. Which needs to be fixed. This too is a repetitive, rather tedious process.

But suddenly, and you’re not quite sure how it happened, most bugs are out, crispiness is in and you start to feel rather good about your hard work. The app feels launchable, and you set up the app on Microsoft Store. Then starts all the things you need to do before the app can be really launched; your website needs to be updated with texts and screenshots, MS Store requires licensing- and privacy policies, logotypes need to be put together, listing texts need to be authored, instruction videos and documentation needs to be done…

The application, say my new Linri LogViewer for instance, that you thought you could slap together in a couple of days is on its second month of coding and consideration, repetition and bug hunts, reworkings and rethinking. Software development is a tedious business, but still, I just love it!

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