Sorry, I’ve been busy

I’ve been invisible for a week or two, I’m sorry for that. I’ve had other things to do, like a vacation (that is, painting the house) and finishing my current job to start a new one after this summer. But I have been hard at work on parts of the Work Time Logger app, parts that you’ll probably not see or be aware of but that needs to be put in place before the app can go on a ‘real’ release.

For instance, registration functionality needs to be put in place and back end features like entitlements so the app can determine the product level you’re on; free, personal or – perhaps – professional. A REST service needs to be coded to handle that, and a database on AWS set up to store the information and purchases. Also, complexity needs to be added to support other apps I have in my plans (or apps that are already finished).

This is all going very well, and the functionality will be up and running in a few weeks. In the meantime, thanks for reading this and using the app. And, as always, please criticize, positive and – more importantly – negative feedback is always appreciated.

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