It’s the start of the WTL!

There’s a first production release of the Work Time Logger on the horizon. The app has only existed for a few months, but it is the culmination of my longest-running project of all categories. The first version, then called Time Slice, saw the down of light in the 1990s. Back then I was young and on a steep carrier ladder, and didn’t really have the time for finishing my own projects, just start them. Also, I had a very little concept on the matter at hand. How should a time report app work? On and off since then, new try-outs have appeared and disappeared. Only the WDL incarnation of the Work Time Logger has come close to be finished.

Not that any app can ever be finished, but I think we’re on the final 100 meters for the pre-release mode and the first production releases of the app are stepping up to the start line. Because I feel this is the start of something nice. I will continue to develop the Work Time Logger, and there’ll be new features, it’ll be on new platforms and I’m dreaming about setting up a forum for issues on Work Time Logging and Planning, sharing my views on planning and creating an opportunity for interested people to share ideas and strategies. More information on that later.

I will honour my promise that those of you that have opted in during the pre-release phase of the project will receive a lifetime license key. I will however require you to confirm that you’re real people (too many spam engines out there) by emailing you’re personally. I won’t spam you, I’ll only send this one email and when you reply your individual licenses key. And, from time to time, I’ll drop a newsletter in your mailbox just to let you know WDL is still alive and kicking. Of course, you can opt out at any time.

I expect the first release to appear withing a month, and there may be one or two pre-releases still, before that.

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