Fixed a long-running bug in the latest release

In the release 0.20 of the Work Time Logger I finally seems to have located and fixed a long-running bug where I would see hangs and sometimes crashes reported by the Microsoft Store Analytics. I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug and haven’t received any reports from users about them, but it seemed to be there and to occur quite often. I tried many things to fix it, and the crashes and memory failures also reported diminished slowly with each release, but the hangs remained. Very frustrating when you want to build a robust and usable quality app.

In the latest release, I tried something I’ve been thinking about for a week or two. The WDL app has (or rather had) a feature where it would remain running even after you close it or minimize it so it would always be available when you need it. I decided to disable that feature, and the hangs seem to be gone.

In to future, I’ll look into how to reenables this feature safely and without risking the functionality and stability of the app. As the functionality to add a log item from anywhere in Windows is still there as long as the app is running, I don’t think the disabling of the running in the background feature will be a big disadvantage. And tell you the truth, it’s a feature I don’t use much myself. But of course, others may like it.

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