Did Google get it right all those years ago?

I for one have always thought Google Tasks has been kind of basic, boring and unusable. For years I’ve been looking to task apps that are feature-rich with loads of fields and priority settings and start/due dates for each task and whatnot. Until the last few years. For me, when it comes to task lists nowadays, clean and boring is the new feature-rich.

The epithet More is Better is not true anymore, at least not for tasks. I keep all my tasks in three lists. A big one, a small one and a focus list. Just a short description of each task, a few words, and nothing else. No priority, no due date, no start date. I just go through the big list once in a while and move tasks that have become more urgent to the small list. Then I go through the small list once every week moving items to it from the big list and from it to the big list.

Every morning I go through the small list and get tasks from that onto my Focus list, which is the list I use during the day to get things done.

Features don’t seem to reach the Google Tasks ecosystem. They’re pretty much as feature-rich (feature-poor) as they’ve always been. And in my tasks ecosystem, that’s a good thing. So, I’m moving to Google Tasks and I’m really considering adding Google Tasks to Work Day Logger. I’ll let you know what I decide.

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