Over 500 downloads of Work Day Logger

I just checked and there are over 500 downloads of the Work Day Logger app. Of course, I don’t think everyone who downloads the app will keep on using it indefinitely, but it sure feels good that so many have tried it out in such a short time. And that so many of you have chosen to opt-in.

The app is still in heavy development, up until now there’s been a new release every other day. The last one, 0.7, is in the making and it is coming along nicely, but the reason that I’m waiting a bit is partly that I really want to get the really nice features I’m working on into that version and that I want to make really sure that the upgrade of the database that the new features require work. But I expect to ship the new version in a couple of days.

There have been a few crashes, fewer than I thought, and I’m very thankful to you guys that sent me the crash dumps. That’s helped a lot to make the app more stable.

New features in the 0.7 version:

  • A popup hover panel with nice things easily accessible when you hover over the duration in the journal list
  • Nice annotations where you can enter comments and notes
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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