We’re all about applications. For Windows, for Android and even for Ios and OS/X. We write them specifically for the operating system we intend to run them on. Most of them are ideas we had when we missed some functionality in our daily work as butter and bread developers.

It could be that the time reporting systems we had to use weren’t the exact shade of pink, that Pomodoro tint we needed just wasn’t in the apps we tried or any other of a million things that weren’t exactly right for us. So we made our own app.

But even though the apps themselves address a broad range of needs, they have a few things in common.

  • They are made with love and care
  • They are simple and to the point without unnecessary features and bling
  • They are written specifically for the intended operating system
  • They are probably written in Delphi
  • They are made in Sweden

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